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Through the Looking-Glass

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  • April 12, 2016

This year at The Study’s All Girls Leadership Conference in Montreal, we participated in many fun and challenging activities. The theme was Through the Looking Glass and all of the speakers and activities helped us examine leadership from many different angles.

The Elmwood girls had to be at school before sunrise. Even though we were exhausted, our eyes drooping as we boarded the bus, we found our energy by the time we arrived at The Study and were all highly enthusiastic throughout the day. As we arrived at The Study, the volunteers handed us conference bags filled to the top with everything we needed for a successful leadership conference.

Our very first guest speaker was Kaitlyn Riordan. She talked to us about suspending our disbelief and how to believe in ourselves. Then, after a quick snack with our new-found friends from a number of different schools, we did an egg-drop activity and we all contributed to our groups’ ideas. Then it was time for another marvelous speaker. Jay Baker explained to us about how we are leaders today, not tomorrow, and how our attitudes can shape our experiences throughout our lives. He was a dynamic speaker who had us laughing all the way through his presentation.

After that a delicious lunch was served and in the afternoon, we did another leadership activity called Cheshire Crossing. We had to problem-solve and work together to complete the activity. It was impossible to be successful on one’s own. We had a scrumptious afternoon snack of TCBY (The Country’s Best Yogurt – Ms. Holmes had told us all about it ahead of time).

The last speaker, Danny Batimana, left us all energetic and happy, while dancing from our seats. Then our amazing field trip ended. About forty-five minutes away from Montreal, we stopped at Tim Hortons and Harvey’s for dinner. At exactly 8:00 p.m., we arrived back at Elmwood. As soon as our heads hit our pillows that night, we were all “out like a light.”

Contributed by Zafreen A. and Samantha R., Grade 5

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