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Runners ready? Oh, yeah!

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  • June 20, 2016

At the beginning of May, tryouts for the Middle School track team were announced. Students who were aged 11 or 12 would compete in one division, while students who were older than 12 would compete in the Grade 7/8 divison.


There were many, many tryouts that ran on Mondays and Wednesdays and continued until the week before the track meet. At each practice we would practise our basic skills, such as quick starts and baton exchanges.IMG_5244 We did all sorts of running, so that the coaches could see who was best at each distance, as there would be 100-meter races, 200-meter races, and even a 400-meter race.

We raced other girls in our own grade, the grade above us, and the grade below us. We were also put into teams with other girls in our age group and then we raced against the other teams. Eventually, after weeks of training and practising, our coaches set the official team and even the line-ups for the up-coming track competition. We were very excited and kept preparing on our own time for the June 6th meet.

IMG_1005Almost every girl who tried out for the team got to go to the meet, and everyone did really well. In the end, Elmwood finished with 6 first-place ribbons, 2 second-place ribbons, and 1 third-place ribbon.IMG_5282

We got to the meet early in the morning and warmed up by running a lap and practising our exchanges. The first race was the 80-metre shuttle race and Elmwood had an 11/12 team and a Grade 7/8 team. One team that day came in second, and the other was first.


The next competition that we participated in was the 4-by-100-metre race. Once again we had an 11/12 team and a Grade 7­/8 team. Both teams raced very well and came in the top three for their division. After this was the 4-by-200-metre race. The 11/12 girls came first, and the Grade 7/8 girls also came first. We were all so excited.

The next race, which was one of the last races of the day, was the 4 by-400-metre relays. The 11/12 girls came second in this race, while the Grade 7/8 girls came first. We were all exhausted but couldn’t sit down because we were so excited with our team’s results.

After each division had run all their races, there was an all-star race. Elmwood placed first in the 11/12 all-star. The final race of this day was the Grade 7/8 all-star 800-metre race. Elmwood entered two runners who placed fifth and eighth. We had an amazing day at the track meet and it was a huge success.

Contributed by Grace C., Grade 7, winner of the 11/12 400-metre all-star race

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