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Approach the Bench

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  • May 24, 2016

IMG_0749 On May 18, 2016, the Grade Five class went to the Supreme Court of Canada. It was an amazing experience for everyone.

We got to learn about the history of the Supreme Court of Canada, which included learning about the judicial system, how many judges hear a case, and who did what (crown attorney, defense attorney) in a case.    IMG_0759

We even got to participate in a mock trial. After the mock trial we were taken to the Main Court. We got to take turns sitting where the nine Supreme Court justices sit. We also learned about how long it takes for a judgement in the Supreme Court to be written.


IMG_0882Then we got to meet the honourable Madame Rosalie Abella. She was very interesting and friendly, and she answered all of our questions about being a judge. She also told us what it was like judging a case.


Did you know only 65 to 80 cases get to go to the Supreme Court of Canada each year? We learned so much from this visit to the Supreme Court of Canada.

Contributed by Zafreen A. and Hailey K., Grade 5

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